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American International Assurance (AIA)

Foreword Communications conceptualised the annual Achievement Awards for AIA, giving the life insurance company ownership of this prestigious annual award which received widespread news coverage. The award was presented to primary and secondary students and undergraduates who achieved good academic results and who were actively involved in community work. The winners were recognised at an awards presentation ceremony graced by a senior government official or minister.

Our agency also conceptualised for AIA a ‘Samsui Reunion’ for single-aged women labourers (or samsuis) and domestic servants (known as amahs) to be held during the Lunar New Year. These historically celebrated but destitute women were invited for a sumptuous lunch at a Chinese restaurant hosted by AIA’s management and staff (and graced on occasion by a Member of Parliament). Some of the samsui women were also invited into the homes of certain AIA staff on the eve of the Lunar New Year to join in the family reunion dinners. These reunions achieved a significant amount of media coverage in the run-up to the Lunar New Year celebrations.